Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi):The Provider of Courage

Veera Lakshmi also known as Sri Dhairya Lakshmi is the giver of bravery, courage. She empowers us to achieve whatever we want in life. She bestows determination or great courage in an individual so we lead a life full of self-confidence.

One is often confused and unclear about the results of a new venture and there is ambiguity in mind about our performance. As it is said, anything that you do with an uncertain belief goes for a toss and you are unlikely to succeed in your endeavour. By worshiping Veera Lakshmi, such things can be avoided as she blesses us with the clarity of mind and the courage to realize what we want.

Veera Lakshmi Dhairya Lakshmi

The Story of Bhoja Raja & Veera Lakshmi

Once there was a king named “Bhoja Rajan,” he was an able ruler and his kingdom was blessed with everything his people needed, they were content in his rule. Apart from being a great ruler and looking after his kingdom, he was also a big follower of Veera Lakshmi (Dhairyalakshmi) and worshiped all the forms of Sri AshtaLakshmi (Eight forms of Lakshmi).

He offered regular pooja (prayers) to Sri AshtaLakshmi, but one day while performing the pooja, he noticed that all the forms of Lakshmi were gloomy and quite. He was curious and asked the reason for their unhappiness. Goddess Lakshmi then informed him that the time has come for all eight forms of Lakshmi to leave his kingdom. They expressed their love for the King and called him their son. As they were leaving the kingdom, Sri Lakshmi said the king to ask for a varam (a wish).

The next day came and he performed the pooja. After the pooja, the king asked for his wish and wished that all Lakshmis can leave but he wants one of them to stay. Ashta Lakshmi accepted his wish and asked which one of them he wants to stay. He wished Dhairya Lakshmi to stay in his kingdom. On hearing this, all the forms of Ashta Lakshmi argued that their life is not possible without Dhairya Lakshmi, and if she is going to stay, everybody is going to stay with her. This story clearly explains the importance and vitality of Dhariya Lakshmi; she is the most loved and powerful form of Ashta Lakshmi.

The Kurukshetra War

During the Kurukshetra war, Arjuna was puzzled about fighting Dronacharya as he was his Guru (teacher) and the war happened as his relatives were against him. Dronacharya didn’t want to fight the war, but he was bound by his duty. Later on, Lord Krishna elucidated that he was not thinking clearly and blessed him with some Dhairyam. This Dhairyam enabled Arjuna to win the war. This example too signifies that the importance of Dhairya Lakshmi is daily life.

The Moral

Whatever we do without thinking is going to bring unwanted results. Whatever we do after thinking will bring us good results. These are some of the established facts. We should perform our duties with courage, bravery and with a sense of self-confidence. If you take the blessings of Veera Lakshmi, it will surely bring about the clarity of mind and soul, and as a result, there are more chances of being successful in whatever you do.

Other forms of Ashtalakshmi

Gaja lakshmi
Santana lakshmi
Vijaya lakshmi
Vidya lakshmi