Story of Revati constellation

Story of Revati constellation

There was a sage, of the name ‘ Ritvak’ once, long back, of immense wisdom. He was blessed with a son, As the time came, who was born at the time when the bad phase of last stage of Revati was about to pass. The sage did all naming, initiation etc. of the son, as properly due.

From the time, this son was born there was one or the other problem in the family, of sickness or some other unsavory; there was dominance of anger and no filling of need, all around. The boy’s mother was down with some health problem at all times; she used to remain sad and worried. Boy became offensive; in worry, the sage set on to think-why my son has turned to such meanness?

Story of Revati constellation

He went to the great wise-saga Garg, of astrology and asked, “you are a master of astrology; what is the reason of low make up and conduction of my son ?”

Garg: None of you or boy’s mother are the reason of low state of your son: constellation of Revati, the birth-time of your son, is the reason of all the retrogression of his make up. It is a feature that troubling you is his main objective, due to this reason. Worship and adoration of Devi durga are the main palliatives for resolving this disfavoring aspect; Her effective worship in earnest shall put all things right.

Hearing this verdict of the sage, father Ritvak became lost of wits in anger; in great wrath, when sky was full of celestial bodies, he willed Revati to fall from its place in sky and it fell on top of Kumud-giri hill; due to this fall, the hill came to be known as- ‘Rev-taru’ Due to falling of that shining body, the glow of that place increased. After this curse to the constellation, the sage venerated Goddess and things became right for Ritvak’s family; they became happy and enriched.

With the falling of star on that hill, a girl was born there, of most enchanting beauty; one sage of name- Pramuchch saw her and after the name of constellation, gave her name- Revati. His hermitage was on the same hill; he took the girl to his place and like a daughter started bringing her up, uprightly. On growing up she became of un-parallel charm; who would suit her beauty- this concern took sage’s thinking, quite much. With a lot of pointed search also, he did not find a compatible match for the daughter and he got in worship of Fire-god. The god appeared and about match for the girl, he said that king Durdam- the well speaking, brave and courageous king is well compatible of the lady.

At that time that king came to sage’s hermitage, out on a hunting expedition; sage was quite pleased at it; not seeing the sage, as the king entered there and seeing young maiden, he asked about the sage to her; as he wanted to pay him respects. She replied that the sage had gone for fire- worship.

King reached the place of fire-worship in the hermitage. Dressed in king’s outfits his head was bowed in humility; seeing the sage, he saluted. The sage asked one of his disciples to give him water for welcoming the visitor, by way of offer of water for washing and the auspicious sip.

The ruler has favoured with the visit after a long time and moreover, now, he is our son-in-law” said the sage.

The sage enquired of well being of prosperity, peace and other aspects of the kingdom; also if people were well and happy, but he did not ask of wife’s well being as she was in the hermitage, there only. The king was also quite perplexed as the sage mentioned him honorably to be the son-in-law. Which wife of mine you are talking of? Asked the king.

You do not quite know of the whole thing. The lady, I am mentioning of is most charming and beautiful lady, destined to be your spouse.”

King:  My other queens, like subhdara are at home. I do not know of this lady you are talking about.

Sage: The girl, whose name is Revati and whom you addressed very courteously now, is supposed to be you finance; how could you just forget something that happened a moment before.

King: Talking to her amiably and addressing also in affection did not mean that I nursed any such feelings unto her and please be not be put-off from me for this.

Sage: Right that you had no such thinking in your mind for the girl, but your addressing her as dear, is prompted by the premonition of fire-god that you shall be her husband, which he disclosed to me. It is foreordained and thus I offer her to you accept her; also think that you addressed her as dear, it has some auspicious side to it.

The preparations for wedding got afoot; the lady desired wedding process to be conducted in that configuration only, when so many other good star arrangements are also there. The girl responded that in other constellation, her marriage may not bode so right, so it was befitting that it was done in that influence only of stars.

The sage informed the girl, how that star was felled on the hill by Ritvak sage. Its place is not secure, now why you press for it?”

Revati: If that sage had high merit; yours is no lesser. Worship with right hold of body, mind and soul, you could make this universe, itself. I am well aware of the spiritual power that you could bring to bear. Now place that Nakshatra into its rightful orbit and marry me , in its ascendancy.

Sage did, as dear daughter desired; with his power, the star was put in its orbit and he said- I shall do your marriage ceremony in the star’s ascendancy. It was accomplished and the daughter was auspiciously given to the desire that he might have cherished.

King: I am a descendant of father of man king- Svyambhuva Manu. May I be blessed with a son, who would be as distinguished as that ancestor of mine was.

Sage: Revere Mother Goddess; she would confer upon you such a son. The fifth puran is Mother’s. Fifth son from womb of my daughter shall be the great fifth progenitor of man kind; he shall carry mother’s name in his own; he shall be known as Rakvat Manu.

With this, king took leave from there with profound blessings and goodness of the sage-father of his wife and his kingdom went prosperous and noble as the time went.

Once sage Lomash came to king’s capital and the king offered all respects, also requested the pious one to discourse to him the Goddess Puran, as he wished for a refulgent son.

Sage: I am pleased and compliments to you for having such dedicated conviction in the mother of the world; she is venerable of gods, men and demons also; where is any doubt in achieving one’s desired with total repose in her. I shall narrate to you puran of the Goddess; hearing it, there is not even a desire in one’s inside to get something.

At an auspicious point, the narration was started by the sage. In not too long, the queen conceived; her off-spring was to become a source of world fulfillment and the meritorious son was born in the palace.Whole kingdom celebrated it very happily.

Name of this son was Raivat and he was extremely devoted to highest righteousness, performed so many merited observances and best amongst wielders of weapons. The Grand-sire appointed him as the progenitor of human race of his era and becoming its leader, he held highest traditions of righteousness and ruler ship of whole earth.