Santan Ganpati Stotra (संतान गणपति स्तोत्र)

Santan Ganpati stotra is considered to be the best hymn of a Ganapati for getting children. Not only this but all the best children are attained. One who is wise and accomplished.

Prove it by reciting 1200 of this stotra. Starting from any Tuesday, one should do 1200 paths in 7 days starting from Tuesday or starting from Tuesday till Friday. But one should perform the rituals of this stotra only after making a resolution to get a child. If you can’t do it yourself, then get the ritual done by any learned brahmins.

Santan Ganpati Stotra

Santan Ganpati Stotra

नमोस्तु गणनाथाय सिद्धिबुद्धि युताय च !

सर्व प्रदाय देवाय पुत्र वृद्धि प्रदाय च !!१!!

गुरुदराय गुरुवे गोप्त्त्रे गुह्या सिताय ते !

गोप्याय गोपिता शेष भुवनाथ चिदात्मने !!२!!

विश्वमूलाय भव्याय विश्वसृष्टि कराय ते !

नमो नमस्ते सत्याय सत्यपूर्णायशुन्डिने !!३!!

एक दन्ताय शुद्धाय सुमुबाय नमो नम: !

प्रपन्न जन पालाय प्रणातार्ति विनाशने !!४!!

शरणं भय देवेश सन्तति सुद्रढां कुरु !

भविष्यन्ति च ये पुत्रा मत्कुले गणनायक !!५!!

ते सर्वे तव पूजार्थ निरता: स्युर्वरोमत: !

पुत्र प्रदमिंद स्तोत्रं सर्व सिद्धि प्रदायकम !!६!!

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How to chant santan ganesh stotra

You have to chant Santan Ganpati stotra every morning and evening with full devotion. For this first take a bath in the morning and wear clean white cloth. Take a few items for Ganpati pooja like hoky water, clothes, fresh white & red flowers, ashwagandha, sweets, Deepak, dhoop, and fruits.

Now sit on a woolen aasan in front of Lord Ganesha’s statue. First, light a lamp and then offer water for the bath to lord Ganesh. Now offer clothes, flowers, sweets, and flowers to the lord. After complete panchopchar pooja, now focus on lord Ganesha with full devotion and read this Santan Ganpati Stotra. It will surely give you a good and beautiful son.