Rama revered Goddess Durga before killing Ravan

Rama revered Goddess Durga before killing Ravan in Lanka war

War of Ramas troops of monkeys and demons went long. Ravan, the demon king was not that effectively countering mite of Lord rama and was lying unconscious for a long period of time. Gaining conscious, he prayed to Goddess Durga. She gave him courage, “Son! Do not Grieve; now that I have come, I shall fignt even with Shiva, if he comes to oppose you.” The demon king become quite happy that Mothers kindness had come to his side and he profoundly thanked her.

Reinvigorated Ravan came into battle-field to fight most valiantly. Shri Rama got near to ravana in the war and was surprised to see golden figure of Goddess into the demons chariot. Keeping the weapons aside, Rama cupplicated to mother and told Ravans brother Vibhishan that a hindrance has come onto the way of our vanquishing the demon. With mother on their side, how could even one imagine to kill Ravan? Shivas powers are protecting Ravan and he is placed in her lap.

This feeling of Rama becoming apprehensive on Mothers protection to Ravan, in the war, worried gods. “The gold hued protection of mother to ravan has become a difficult obstruction in killing Ravan – a task taken up by rama for favouring goodness and saving world from the demons ferocity; what is to be done?” Lord Brahma suggested all to revere Maa durga.

Rama revered Goddess Durga before killing Ravan

Onto the war field Rama was worried of future; I could not decimate the demons to free wife- Janaki from demons prison. The thought upset rama, much and Vibhishans inside got melted seeing Ram ruing in this way and he expressed that he felt helpless, at this turn of events. Rama and his brother and with them all gods felt g greatly afflicted; then Brahma desired, something effective to be attempted. ” Best is to revere Maa durga and better stil is, that rama, himself should venerate her!”

Indra desired that all go to Rama and tell him; reaching there, Brahma told Rama, “Do a thing; revere Devi maa; it would clear cloud of trouble.” On asking process of mothers venerated, it was told to rama; this telling by Brahma pleased Rama anb he proceeded to start right away. Next day, getting up early, Rama bathed auspiciously and the observance was performed. All monkey troops pf rama voiced jubilant victory calls of the goddess. All sang and danced in revering of benefic mother durga; a nice figure of devi was got made for the purpose and mothers adorations were earnestly rendered.

Rama, with alll this felt some lacking still and he conferred with Vibhishan; it was opined that mother should be venerated with 108blue lotus flowers. Rama thinking it to be a good way out, then got worried where from to obtain this rare commodity, even for gods. “Our bad fortune is that a way seems to yield, desired; but it becomes unviable to get at.”

Hanuman did not despair so much; “whenever we find, I shall go and get.” vibhishan informed that the place, where these occur is long distance from here and it would take ten years to even reach there. Lord Hanuman: Wasting no time, let me go fetch soonest!

As hanuman went on this errand, Rama got of to revering of devi in utmost profoundness; this continued long and devi veneration continued, unstopping. Hanuman came back with lotuses before too long. Getting blue lotuses so fast, Rama was beside joy. With high self-concentration, devi mantras were rendered devotionally. All lotus flowers were quite thick . To test Ramas devotion, mother took away one flower and thus the total was one less then the required. Finding so, Rama said – it is a limitation into completion if our thought proposition; requested hanuman to being one more lotus; to which the monkey god general relied that in that place, now no more lotuses are left; he had brought all flowers which were in bloom there. “It seems mother is testing our dedication; She has taken one away.” Rama was quite distraught at this; at which hanuman told – now to worry much. “I shall fight and kill ravan to free mother sita!”

Then, an idea flashed to Rama- people call me with eyes of blue lotus; so offering mother my one eye. I shall fulfill my words! Saying this, Rama turned to his brother to give him a sword, so that he could gouge out one eye of this and offer it to mother. With that, Rama took an arrow from his quiver and got ready to gouge out his one eye. right at that time, Mother appeared there, caught Ramas hand and told, “You are the master of all worlds. What you are doing. You have done fulfillment of your words. I do not require any lotuses, far less your eyes!”

Rama said: Mother! Being a mother, I did not expect the lot of troubles, which came to my lot, with your benign presence also to me. I felt like a fish being swallowed by the serpent of providence. For releasing my innocent wife from hold of a tyrant, my tries have got into troubled waters of the meanest order. Whatever, hitherto has happened is for the good, now please caste glances of your mercy. I have full faith in your benevolence; do not disappoint.

Mother durga: There is not question of my being angry; You are nourisher of whole universe; who would not know your significance? Sita is incarnation of mother nature. Even Shiva venerates you. Raven is utterly powerless before your mite. You have put up a bridge on this sea for freeing sita and demons have been destroyed; rest would meet their end, now shortly, afterwards. Ravana was the guard of your court and has come to this form, because of curse of a distinguished pious and has come in your front in the form of an enemy; soon he would get to your adobe, at your hands. I am going away, leaving protection of Ravan, which i hither to provided; You worst him, now.

Saying this, Mother went; Ravan was killed. Troops of monkeys and bears of rama danced in joy of victory. Devis figure was immersed in water after revering nine days.