Mantra to get success in business in hindi

Mantra to get success in business in hindi

Mantra to get success in business in hindi. This Powerful mantra from Ramcharitmanas is very effective to get success in every business. Recite this mantra for 108 times daily morning and evening. You can earn enormous profit in your business and can attain all-round success.

Mantra to get success in business in hindi

Mantra for success in Business

Je Sakam Nar Sunahi Je Gavanhi |
Sukh Sampati Nana Bidhi Pavanhi ||

जे सकाम नर सुनहि जे गावहीं |
सुख सम्पति नाना बिधि पावहिं ||

How to Chant – First take a bath in the early morning and wear clean white or red clothes. In Hindu mythology, white or red color represents “Dhrama”. After this arrange following pooja items:

  • Some fresh red and white flowers
  • Rice
  • Sandal powder
  • Lamp
  • Incense
  • Home made sweets
  • Small wooden platform
  • Cow ghee (Butter)
  • Woolen aasan
  • Tulsi mala or Sandal wood mala (Beads)

Now take a small wooden platform and cover it with a red cloth. Put Lord Rama picture on it. You should sit on a woolen aasan in front of God Ram. First light a Lamp of cow ghee (Butter) & incense and put these at your right side. Make a paste of sandal powder with water and offer Tilak to Lord Rama. Now offer Rice as “Akshat”, fresh flowers and sweets to lord. Now its time to concentrate on lord rama and chant the mantra.

Important : Lamp must be light until the pooja finishes.

Recite this mantra every morning with full devotion. You should chant this mantra using Tulsi mala or Sandal wood mala (Beads) for at-least 108 times in a day or 324 times. After finishing the japa, say sorry to lord ram for any mistake during pooja and japa. You will defiantly get a success in business by chanting this Ramcharitmanas mantra.