Mantra to cure all ear problems

Mantra to cure ear diseases

Mantra to cure all ear problems. Chant this sabar mantra with full dedication to cure all ear related problems like ear pain, ear Discharge and infection.


वनरा गांकी वानरी तो डांटे हनुमान कंठ |
बिलारी बाँधी थनेली कर्नूल सम जाई |
श्रीराम चंद्र की बानी पानी पथ होई जाइ.

Sadhna vidhi : Cover patient’e ear wit ha red cloth and chant this mantra 11 times. Now place this red cloth under patient’s pillow for 3 nights. Ask patient to sleep to the side which has infected ear. Fourth day, throw that red cloth in a river. When you go to river, do not talk to anyone and came back to home. It will give you sure relief.

Mantra to cure all ear problems