Mantra for Destroying Enemies in Hindi & English

Ramcharitmanas Mantra for Destroying Enemies

This is an very powerful and effective mantra of god Ram from Ramcharitmanas to destroy enemies. Lord ram is incarnation of god Vishnu and it is known as Lord Rama.

By chanting this mantra, You will definitely get rid from enemies and evils sight. This is observed as most powerful mantra to destroying enemies. After taking bath in morning, sit in the north or east facing and recite this mantra 108 times using Tulsi mala. During sadhna you should keep attention on lord rama. Chant this Ramcharitmanas mantra to destroy your enemy and evil sight quickly.

Mantra for Destroying Enemies in Hindi & English


बयरु न कर काहू सन कोई ।
राम प्रताप बिषमता खोई ।।

Bayru Na Kar Kahu San Koi ।
Ram Partap Vishamata Khoi ।।