Maa Durga Tested a devotee

Maa Durga Tested a devotee

In the prosperous city of  Vardhman, there was a righteous king, named- Rupsen. In his court. One day a merited one appeared with his wife and children; his name was Veervar and he looked to get some work for family subsistence. King found him good enough and at a liberal pay of one thousand sovereigns, king appointed him to guard the main-gate of the capital.

Some time having gone, king got to learn from his men that Veervar spends large part of his salary in good deeds and charities and their family lives on frugal amount, thereafter left-over. King was father happy at noble inclinations of this new employee and confirmed him to a better post, permanently.

Maa Durga Tested a devotee

One night, there was a fierce storm and torrential rains with thunder and lightning in the dark; a mercy-evoking sound and cries of a woman were heard form cremating-filed. King ordered Veervar present on the main-gate, to go and find out, what this crying was. As the guard went king secretly sent another person to go after the guard to help him if it became necessary and to spy, as to how and what Veervar does. As the guard reached into crematorium, he saw a lady, crying;  he asked for the reason. The month-end, the present king would die and orphan, where would I go ? so I am crying”. He asked, if there was a way to tide over this problem. He was told that if he sacrificed life of his son, before figure of Devi Durga, king would survive. That set Veervar to action. Promptly, he went home and told his family to make the sacrifice for long life of the king; he took their consent and with the son, reached Maa Durga -temple to sacrifice his son and the sacrifice got duly made. Hearts of mother and boy’s sister tore at this loss and both died in shock of this grave happening.

King was secretly watching all this. He on his own prayed to Devi. Of what value my life is, which has to prolong on blood of these innocent ones; it put king to remorse and in it, he wanted to end his life. For that, soon, he pulled his sword to cut himself. Devi Maa appeared and caught hold of his hand and asked to take a boon.

King wanted above any other thing, life of his employee’s family-members back. Appeased, Maa Durga brought back son, daughter and wife of the employee. King got back to his palace, as if nothing has happened. Veervar was surprised and taking it to be Devi’s blessing, reached his people home and stood in duty at the main gate once again. King asked him of the matter and its details.

Veervar: There is nothing big to it; Devi wanted to test me in my devotion to the master; it was Her wonder and now, things are settled; nothing is to be worried of.

It immensely impressed and pleased the king; he praised him to all his officials. “Go and take charge of my two states and rule those well; take your family along,” king ordered. With the grace and righteous mind-set of the devotee, a common man became equal to the king in stature and good friendship.