Lord Rama – Ideal man, Purusa or Purushottama

Lord Rama – Ideal man, Purusa or Purushottama

Lord Rama is the embodiment of noble qualities exemplifying all the roles a man plays in the society as a son, brother and a husband. According to popular connotations in Hindu Mythology, Bhagwan Ram is known by the name of Maryada Purushottama or a man of morals. Ramacharita Manas of Tulsidas explains the life of Lord Rama in great detail. Hindu mythology believes that Lord Vishnu took the seventh avatar in the form of Ram to destroy the evils on the earth.

lord rama purushottama

The legend behind Rama’s Birth

Lord Rama was born to King Dasaratha and Queen Kausalya in treta yuga. The birth of Shri Rama holds a special significance. It is said that the gods were complaining Brahma about the ridiculous behaviour of Ravana and the harassment he was causing to the gods. Meanwhile, God Vishnu assured the gods that he would reincarnate himself to destroy Ravana. Thus, he appeared in a sacrificial fire ignited by King Dasratha and presented a pot filled with nectar to him. The king gave half of the nectar to his wife Kausalya, as a consequence divinity bestowed on her. She gave birth to legendary Bhagwan Ram. Lakshman, Shatrughna and Bharat were three brothers of Rama.

The famous Lord Ram and Sita

Sita was the adopted daughter of the King of Videha, named Janak. Legend says Sita was born from the ploughed field, hence also famous as the daughter of Bhoomi Devi. According to mythology, the marriage of Sita and Ram was destined. In the midst of his adventurous journey, Bhagwan Rama somehow landed up in Mithila. There he met King Janaka and his beautiful daughter Sita. The king had a special condition for the marriage of his daughter. The condition was anyone, who would be able to bend the great bow, once Lord Shiva’s weapon, Sita would be married to that great person. Lord Rama not only bent the bow but broke it into two parts to win the hands of Sita. According to the Hindu calendar, on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha, Ram and Sita tied the knot, and this day is celebrated as Vivah Panchami.

Hurdles Rama Faced

Despite being the man with magical attributes, Lord Ram’s life was not free from troubles. His succession to the throne of Ayodhya was at stake because his father’s second wife, Kaikeyi wanted Bharat to be the king. Rama was forced to exile from the kingdom for fourteen years. Sita and Laxmana accompanied him to the forest of Dandaka.

Sita’s abduction by Ravana is another great epic story. Ravana camouflaged himself as a hermit asking alms from Sita. Sita, restricted by the Laxman Rekha, the protecting Line was unwilling to come out. On the insistence of the Sage, she crossed the line and seeking this opportunity; Ravana abducted Sita and kept her in his kingdom Lanka. Rama, with the help of Hanuman and his army, killed Ravana and the couple reunited.

Religious significance of Lord Rama

Lord Rama’s birth is celebrated as Rama Navami. It is the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar. From Bhajan program to Rath Yatra, Ram Navami is celebrated with pomp and grandeur in the entire country.