Lord Krishna – The Mighty God of Miracles

Lord Krishna – The Mighty God of Miracles (Balakrishna,Balagovind and Banwari)

Lord Krishna is the most admired God of all in the Hindu mythology. There are a number of stories about him citing him as the Supreme Being. In him is all and all belong to him; he cannot be challenged; he is the creator of the universe, and he alone can alter it – these are some of the famous things said about Lord Krishna. There have been many plays and serials made on Lord Krishna citing how he defeated demons and evil spirits even when he was a newborn baby. He was born in Jail and is an avatar of Vishnu. Krishna was born from the womb of Devaki but was given to Yashoda by Devaki’s husband Vasudeva to protect him from Devaki’s brother Kansa. There was a prophecy in which Kansa was told that Devaki’s ninth son would bring death to him. After which Kansa imprisoned Devaki and started killing all his sons. Krishna was the ninth one and was miraculously taken by his father Vasudeva to Yashoda so he could live.

Lord Krishna

Domestic Life

Lord Krishna started performing miracles right from his childhood. There are popular stories of Krishna going under water to get his friends ball and was stopped by kaliya naag (black snake), who later realised that he was Vishnu and begged mercy for his ill behaviour. As narrated in various Vedas, Krishna was very fond of butter and stole butter from the houses of his neighbours. He was admired and pampered by all in the village he lived. Every villager felt a sort of charm when Krishna was around. They all danced to the tune of his flute. When Krishna attained maturity, he became very popular among girls (gopis) in his village. Though he was married to Rukmini, yet he loved Radha and various narratives can be found stating the love of Radha and Krishna. He has various names like Balagopal; Balakrishna; Balagovind; Bankim; Bansilal; Banvihari; Banwari; Mohan; Makhanchor etc.

The Epic Planner

Krishna played a major role in Mahabharata, and if we believe some of the sources, he was the one, who planned the entire epic. It was meant to happen as stated in various Vedic Puranas. He was the sarathi of Parth (Arjuna) in Mahabharata and motivated him throughout the war to do the right thing.

The Mystery

Lord Krishna is worshiped as the prime God among Hindus. He is above all; he is the creator of the cosmos. There is definitely some amount of variety in all the stories as archaeologists have found the entire city under water where Krishna lived. There are various temples where statues of Krishna can be found. One of the most famous examples of his being is the Vrindavan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Nidhi Van in Mathura is a place, which holds a lot of secrets about supernatural activities. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha still visit here after midnight and indulge in Raas Leela. Many people have tried to visit the place and many have lost their lives while finding of the truth. Some of them have witnessed and bright blue light and some prefer not to discuss anything. Lord Krishna, undoubtedly, has a great share of followers and is one of the most worshiped deities of among all Hindu Gods.