Lord Kamdev : The Hindu God of Love

Kamdev: No other culture than Hindu culture glorifies the divine relationship of love between two people. Thanks to all the fabled love stories that flourish the Indian literature, which is without any doubts the richest treasures of exciting love tales.

Lord Kamdev: The Love God

This is a perfect platform to talk about the Hindu God of Love, Kamdev, who is also known to arouse physical desires amongst human beings.

Kamdev is known to be born from the heart of the world creator Lord Brahma. The actual picture of Kamdev resembles a youthful being with red and green tones as its complexions, all decorated with flowers and ornaments, holding a bow of sugarcane and arrow of flowers with two beautiful wives Rati and Priti, and his vehicle a parrot.

Lord Kamdev

Lord Kamdev Mantra

“Aum Kaam Devaay Vidmahe Pushpabaanaay Dheemahi Tanno Ananga Prachodayat”

History of the Love God Kamdev

As per the mythologists, kamadeva met his end at the hands of Lord Shiva. Indra and the other gods were suffering at the hands of demon Tarkasur, who could be defeated by none other than Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva was meditating, and he was completely engrossed in his meditation which could not be broken by anyone in the world that is when Kamdev took the matters in his hands and broke his meditation. The moment Kamdev shot an arrow made of flowers, Lord Shiva furiously opened his third eye, which incinerated Kamdev and turned him into ashes. But Goddess Parvati was upset about it and told the truth to Lord Shiva, and he agreed to revive Kamdev in an incorporeal form. That is the reason kamadeva is also known as Ananga, which means someone without a body.

Later Lord Kamdev incarnated in the womb of Lord Krishna’s wife, Rukmini. The other gods believed that, in order to get a body, after getting burnt into ashes merged into Krishna’s body. That is reason Kamdev is also known to be part of Lord Krishna. Legends even say that, since he begotten by Vasudeva himself, many of Lord kamadeva qualities matched with those of Lord Krishna, like the way he looked, his complexion and characteristics.

Other stories related to Lord Kamdev

Not many people are aware but Holi, the festival of colours also has a story related to the God of Love. Legends say that kamadeva sacrificed his life for the good for all the living things on the planet. In southern India, many people worship Lord Kamdev on the festival of Holi. During the prayer, they offer mangoes and sandalwood paste that cool down the burning effect of his fatal burns. While offering goodies, ladies usually sing songs that depict the sorrows of Kamdev’s wife, Rati. It is said that Rati and Kamdev travel the three worlds forever. Because of her unparalleled beauty, she is said to be the best match for Kamdev.

It is also believed that where ever the god and his wife travels, they take the humming bee, cuckoo, spring and gentle breeze with them. So, whenever you are sitting in a garden, and you feel cool breeze with cuckoo calling, it means the Lord Kamdev is near you. It is also seen that Hindu temples usually have a tree planted in the courtyards. This is to give tribute to Lord Kamdev, as these trees provide the symbol of love.

Lord kamadeva resides in the body of a female

It is believed that Lord Kamdev stays in female’s body. As per Indian mythology, kamadeva resides in different parts of female’s body. That is the reason it is said that Bramachari’s (who does practice celibacy) should stay away from such females, otherwise they can easily be wooed by such females.

The significance of Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow of Cupid is known to be the most robust variant of humankind. It is believed that spring is the friend of Lord kamadeva and that is the reason the bow is made out of flowers. The bow and arrow are devoid of voice, which means that when Lord Kamdev releases his arrow, it does not make any sound. This is also understood that, in any work, some kind of decency is required. On the occasion of Basant Panchami, many people in India worship Lord Kamdev and his wife, Rati.

The Cupid’s arrow is the most important weapon. Once this arrow strikes anyone, neither it makes any sound nor does it give the victim a chance to recover. Kamdev’s five arrows are very renowned – Neelkamal, Mallika, Amramur, Champak and Shirish-Kusum. These are the three vertices in the three directions of arrows, respectively, which are considered a symbol of the three realms.

  • One corner of the arrow symbolizes Brahma. It is helpful in the creation of the universe.
  • The second corner symbolizes Lord Vishnu or abdominal fulfillment. It inspires humans to do Karma.
  • The third corner of Cupid’s arrow is subjected to Lord Shiva which is a symbol of salvation.

Hence, Kaam is not just necessary for the creation of the universe, but also for a man to perform an action, and finally, provide a way to salvation.

Kamdev’s bow target’s the opposite sex. The entire creation is based on the binding of the opposite sex attraction.