Lord hanuman – Appearance, Story and How to worship

Being a great devotee of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman too became a god. Also known as Bajrang bali or Pawanputra or Maruti, Lord Hanuman is a Hindu god, who played an important role in uniting God Ram with his wife Sita in the story of Ramayana.  Pawanputra is one of the Chiranjeevis, a person who never dies. Bajrang bali is a king of Vanaras, or monkeys. Several texts say that he is an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself.  Pawanputra is the symbol of courage and power. A bachelor for life, Bajrangbali is an inspiration for youngsters, who want to stay fit and energetic.

Lord hanuman- bajrangbali


Lord Hanuman was the son of Anjana and Kesari. Anjana was a beautiful Apsara, a celestial angel in the palace court of Lord Brahma. She was cursed by a sage that her face would turn into a monkey’s the moment she fell in love. She took birth on earth and fell in love with Kesari, who was a monkey king. They both married each other. She conceived Bajrangbali with the help of Pawan dev, the Lord of wind. Thus, Hanuman is called Pawan putra hanuman, the son of the Lord of Wind (Pawan dev).

Meaninf of his Name

Hanuman means ‘disfigured jaw’ in Sanskrit. As a child,  Pawanputra mistook the sun for a fruit and went to find it in the sky. Lord Indra used his Vajrayuda or the thunderbolt to throw Pawanputra back to the earth.

Appearance of Lord Hanuman ji

Panchmukhi hanuman bajrangbali
Panchmukhi Hanuman

Bajrangbali resembles a monkey in appearance. He has protruding mouth just like a monkey. His hairy body is strong and muscular. He has a gadha (Weapon) in his hand and is always chanting the Ram name. He has another form which is called Panchmukhi Hanuman.

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Some facts about Pawanputra/Bajrangbali

  • He is not only mentioned in Ramayana, but also in the Mahabharata where he meets Bheema.
  • According to legend, Lord Hanuman was born on Anjaneya hill that is situated in Hampi, Karnataka in India.
  • Lord Brahma gave Bajrang bali a boon that he cannot be killed by any weapon during a war.
  • Pawanputra can change his form and travel easily to wherever he wants.
  • Bajrang bali was very powerful. He had the power to carry mountains in his hands.
  • It is believed that even today,  Pawanputra is present wherever someone is reading the Ramayana.
  • The Hanuman Chalisa, a poem praising lord hanuman is taught to all little children. It gives them the courage to be brave and keeps fear at bay.
  • Bajrangbali is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva who wanted to take birth in the womb of Anjana, who was an ardent devotee of Shiva. Thus, he gets all that strength and perseverance.
  • Lord Hanuman’s last promise to Ram was that he would stay on earth until Rama was remembered and worshiped.
  • Bajrangbali once ripped his chest to show Ram inside it. Such was his devotion to his master.
  • Once he applied sindoor on his body for Lord Rama’s long life.
  • The word, ‘Hanuman’ actually means ‘impair jaw’ in Sanskrit.
  • Everybody knows that he was a brahmchari but some puranas says that Lord Bajrangbali had a son – Makardhwaja.
  • Once when Mata Sita offered a gift to Lord Bajrangbali, he rejected Goddess Sita’s Gift.

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How to worship lord hanuman at home

Hanumanji is one of the most powerful deities of Hinduism, who is widely worshiped by Hindus all around the world. The worship of Lord has many great advantages for devotees. Devotees visit the temples of Lord Maruti (मारुति) to get his powerful blessings and protection. It is very easy to perform his Pooja at home by following the right rituals.

Items Required For Pooja At Home

Items required for pooja are photo frame of Lord Hanuman, Ghee or sesame Seed oil, red cloth, camphor, incense, lamps, flowers, sweets, Gangajal, coconut, betel leaves, gud channa prasadam, kesar and chandan (sandalwood paste).

  1. First take bath in the morning and wear clean white or red clothes. Take a wooden platform and cover it with red cloth. Now take Lord Maruti’s photo, clean it with a clean cloth and put on wooden platform.
  2. Before start the pooja, Light the lamp of Ghee or sesame Seed oil and incense. Remember that lamp should be lighted till the end. Now sit in front of lord’s photo on a woolen clothes or asana. Put another asana at your right side for Lord. It is believed that when you worship Pawanputra, he joins you.
  3. Now mix kesar and chandan (sandalwood paste) in a bowl and apply Tilak on Bajrangbali’s forehead. Apply on your forehead too.
  4. Now offer Roli, Moli and dry rice (Known as akshat) to lord. Then offer fresh flowers like Rose, Lotus and Hibiscus rosa (Gudhal) to him. Bajrangbali Likes Gudhal flower very much so its always good to have these flowers in pooja.
  5. After flowers, offer Sweets like laddu, gud channa prasad, betel leaves, coconut and drinking water in a copper pot to him.
  6. Now Now its time to chant mantra or Hanuman chalisa or Sunderkand. Its always better and most effective to read Sunderkand because its makes lord Hanuman happy and you gets his blessings very fast.
  7. Always avoid non vegetarian food and alcohol permanently otherwise you can have bad time.

Follow Mantras below to offer flowers, fruits, sweet, Sindoor, water and other things to Hanumanji:

Mantra to offer flowers

Mantra to offer fruits

Mantra to invite Lord Maruti

Mantra to offer arghya (water)

You can find all Hanuman mantra here.

Hanumanji is the symbol of pure devotion and innocent love for his master. He is loved by all his devotees for his bravery and kind heart. Lord Maruti is a very popular lord among youngsters, who find his stories very interesting.

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