Kuber: The Deity of Wealth and Fortune

Kuber: The Deity of Wealth and Fortune

Kuber is the Indian God of wealth and north direction. Also affiliated as Lokpala or the guardian of the directions, his abode is at Alaka puri. Kuber acquired the status of the God in Hindu mythological epics.


Lord Kubera is a descendant of the family of Lord Brahma and is one of the children of Vishrava and Illavida. Well, he was not the only child of his father, but his father Vishrava, Illavida and her stepmother Kaikesi had four children Ravan, Vibhishana, Kubhakarna, and Surpanakha too. So, it won’t be wrong saying that he is the half-brother of the all four.

Further, Kubera has his wife Kauberi and four children, namely Nalakubera, Mayuraja, Manigriva, and Meenakshi.

Kuber god of Wealth and Fortune


The ionization of Kubera is done as dwarf having eight teeth, three legs, and yellow eye (the left eye only). And as he is prayed as the God of Wealth, he is also pictured as wearing a lot of jewels and carrying a pot full of gold coins. This is not it; some pictures also portray him carrying a mace, a monkey bag, and a pomegranate. Also, what is very famous about him that he has a flying chariot, Pushpak Viman, gifted by Lord Brahma, which is even far beyond the technologies of today’s luxury aircraft.

Meaning and names

Kuber is an actual combination of wealth, prosperity, and glory. His name arises from the Sanskrit language, which means deformed or someone, who is ill-shaped. Kuber is the descendant of Vishrava, the Lord of Fame. Kuber is known as Ekaksipingala, due to his one deformed yellow eye. He is also known as Bhutesha, that is, the Lord of Spirits. Kubera has been given many titles such as Rajaraja (King of the whole world), Dhanadhipati (Lord of Wealth), Dhanada (Giver of Wealth), Yaksharajan (King of Yakshas), Rakshasadhipati (Lord of Rakshasas), Gukhyakadhipa (Lord of Guhyakas), Kinnaraja (King of Kinnaras), Mayuraja (King of animals resembling men) and Nararaja (King of men).

Worshipping Lord Kubera

Since Kuber keeps the wealth of all the riches in the world, he is then worshipped. It is said that he credited money to Venkateswara, for his marriage with Padmavati. Therefore, the worshippers go and donate the money in Venkateswara Hundi, so that he is able to nullify the credit, which Kubera has given him. This Venkateswara Hundi, the donation pot is there in Tirupati.

Mantra of Kuber

“Om YaksharaajayaVidmahay, VaishravanayaDhimahi, TannoKuberaPrachodayat”

It implies that one can meditate this mantra if want to gain wealth and prosperity in one’s life.

The wide view

Kuber is worshiped in India, but also outside India and Hinduism as well. Kuber is also worshipped as a deity in Buddhism and Jain mythology. He is widely known as Vaisravana or Jambhala in Buddhism and Bishamon in Japan. No matter wherever and in whichever religion Kuber is worshipped, his role remains the same that of the Lord of Wealth.

Celebrations and festivals of Kuber

  • Dhanteras:It is a festival that comes 2 days before Diwali and is also called as Dhantrayodashi.According to this festival, if you buy some gold or silver on this peculiar day, Kubera blesses you with fortune and prosperity in coming years.
  • Sharad Purnima: This festival marks the birth of Lord Kuber. Hence, this day is of utmost importance and significance.

In Hinduism, these festivals are celebrated in honour of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

Lord Kuber’s temples in India

  • Dhopeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Madhya Pradesh:As the God Kubera got his access in the Hindu God Pantheon because of Lord Shiva; this temple is all about the same. Here, the worshippers get to see the idol, which has both the deities engraved together.
  • Kuber Bhandari Mandir, Gujarat: This place is where Lord Kuber performed penance and is beautifully situated near the Narmada.It is even believed that Lord Shiva himself has made this temple.

Kuber: the glutton god

In the Hindu Mythology, Ramayan is a known epic, and the epic tells a lot about Kubera too, as he was the Half-brother of Ravana. In this epic, Kubera- the God of Wealth is said to have beautiful palaces and gardens. In fact, to beautifully explain Ram and Lakshmana about his wealth and virtue, Saint Bhardwaj said these words,“Here let Kubera’s garden rise, / Which far in Northern Kuru lies; / For leaves let cloth and gems entwine, / And let its fruit be nymphs divine.”

Misconception about God of Wealth

In Indian mythology epics, there is a misunderstanding that the Goddess of Wealth is Lakshmi. In fact, God of Wealth is Kuber whereas Goddess of Fortune is Lakshmi. Since fortune is mostly related to wealth, this misunderstanding has risen, but I hope it’s all cleared now.

How Kubera became a God?

Yes, you have the heading right. Kubera was not a god, and he earned it; to support the same, you may find two mythological stories. So if you are not aware of any, then let me tell you the both.

Well, the first story tells how he performed the toughest of all austerities and prayed Lord Brahma to earn the title. So, this story totally depicts earning the title of God as the award which he bragged by making the Lord Brahma happy by his determination and tough austerities.

But, another story is a total contradiction to the first one. Here, they say that Kubera once planned to rob a temple of Lord Shiva. So, with the planning, he entered the temple and started working out on his plans, but, he had accidentally blown his taper. Now, as Lord Shiva is divine and the supreme power, he was watching all without the knowledge of Kubera. With Kubera, he was in a difficult situation as he got his taper blown out and he was dwarf too. He did efforts and all that he could do, and the efforts were so sincere that he got his taper lighted. Well, this was the turning point, which made Lord Shiva happy of his efforts and devotion. He was so touched by his efforts that he awarded him with the title of God, and accessed him into the pantheon of Hindu God & Goddess.

Well, according to Indian mythology, if you want wealth to remain with you, you have to pray Lord Kuber.