Ketu Bhagwan : A devotee of Lord Shiva

Lord Ketu

Ketu Bhagwan is one of the many widely worshipped Hindu Gods. After samudra manthan, when Asura SvarBhanu was beheaded by Lord Vishnu, the remaining body came to be known as Ketu.

Ketu is known as half planet or shadow planet. He symbolizes implying of karmic accumulations good and bad, supernatural forces and spirituality, and events. He is both benefice and malefic, due to the nature of offering mental unsoundness, loss, and sorrow, along with wisdom, intelligence, psychic abilities and fantasy.

lord ketu

Astrological importance

Lord Ketu is responsible astrologically for forces, which show spiritual and karmic influences in a person’s birth chart. He is also responsible for any lunar eclipse that takes place. Also, he is known to give unexpected results so one can obtain both negative and positive effects from him. He brings prosperity in the life of an individual. But when malefic, anxiety, derangement, depression and lack of concentration are common.

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People afflicted with the Ketu Dosha are always stricken with apprehensions of deceit, loss of property, bad habits, loss of face and much more. But if you pray to him, you can get rid of all of these. The malefic effects of Ketu create various hindrances in one’s life but by praying to him, you can attain whatever you want. Moksham, property, good eyesight, vehicle, land, gold, fame, wife, happiness, children, and sudden gains are what you get by worshipping Ketu Bhagvaan. The God in himself signifies liberation, intelligence, non-attachment, wisdom, psychic abilities, and a very deep insight. Regular puja of Ketu Bhagwan eliminates the risks of accidents, allergy, insect bites, etc. Ketu showers the most blessings on the house occupied by Him. Red is his colour and eagle is his vehicle. Khollu is the grain that is associated with him. His flower is lily, and the fabric is any multi-coloured cloth. The food offered is khollu mixed with rice.

His temples

The main temple is housed at Keelaperumpallam, which about 30 km from Sakali. There is a temple here for Naganatha swamy. Another sannidhi dedicated to Ketu Bhagvaan can be found at this temple. He faces the north-west direction here and his consort named Chitralekha is also enshrined here. This is a very old Shivaite shrine where he, as per legend, worshipped Shiva as one of the 8 supernatural bodies.This place is sometimes called Vanagiri too. Lord Ketu prayed here to Naaganaadha swami, and he was blessed and got rid of his sins by Shiva. He did penance towards the Naganadha swami, who is the presiding deity at the Tirunageswaram temple. Ketu Bhagvaan was blessed by Lord Shiva and relieved off all his sins. He is seen as worshiping Naganadha swamiin folded hands that are held high. Also, he is seen along with his head that is very rare image

How to do Puja

Take flowers, which are smoky coloured and do the following dhyana –

Ekotarshatamkeuridivyambhumyantrestitha |
Eteshyam cha grahaananchshantibhichachasutesada

Once you are done with this, recite this mantra –

Aum praam preem proom sa: om bhur bhuva swah: om ketunkrsuhavannketavepeshompryyaapeshe|samushdibharjaytha: om swah bhuvabhu: om sa: proom preem praam om ketave namah: