Kala bhairava – The Most Feared Lord

Lord Kala bhairava – The Most Feared Lord

Lord Kala Bhairava in Sanskrit means terrible or frightful. The Hindu God is just that, fierce and scary. He is the avatar of Lord Shiva associated with destruction. Bhairava is not just sacred to Hindus, but to Buddhists, and Jains too. He is worshiped in India as well as Nepal. There are sixty-four forms of Bhairava, who are the wandering forms of Lord Shiva and safeguard the principal points. The sixty-four Bhairav are grouped into eight sections, and each group is headed by one Chief Bhairav. These eight Bhairava are called Astanga Bhairava. They control all the eight directions of the world. The chief for all these Bhairav is the Kala Bhairava. You can see a Bhairava idol in every Hindu temple you visit. It symbolizes that he is protecting the temple. Bhairav is also the protector of women.

Lord Kala bhairava

Names of Bhairava

He is also called as Kshetrapala, Kala Bhairava, Maha Bhairava, Vikrant Bhairava, Patal Bhairava, etc.

Appearance and weapons

Bhairava is in standing position and has four hands. He has a drum, paasa (noose), skull and trident. He is naked and with a dog. His appearance is frightening with protruding teeth and terrifying looks. He has snakes as earrings.

Birth and Life

Once, Lord Vishnu asked Brahma who the supreme creator of the universe was. Being arrogant, Brahma said that it was him, and he must be worshiped as the supreme creator. Brahma thought that even he had five heads like Shiva, and hence, he could do everything that Shiva does. He began to forge the work of Shiva and interfered in the works of Shiva. Shiva just threw a small nail from his finger and from that Kala Bhairava was born. He cut off one head of Bramha and held the skull of Bramha in his hand. Thus, Brahma’s ego was destroyed, and he was enlightened.

Another story tells that Shiva created Bhairav to destroy a demon called Dahurasuraṇ. The demon had a boon of being killed only by a woman. Parvathi, in the form of Kali, was summoned to kill him. After killing the demon, her anger created a child. Then Kali fed the child with her own milk and Shiva merged them both with him. From him, Bhairava was formed. Thus, Bhairav is also known as Shiva’s son. Bhairav is married to Bhairavi and had many children.

Temples of Kala bhairava

Temples dedicated to Bhairav are present almost in all Shiva temples. Especially, Jyotirlinga temples are in proximity to Bhairava temples. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Patal Bhairav, Vikrant Bhairav and Kala Bhairava Temple in Ujjain are among the most famous temples that are dedicated to the Lord Bhairava. There are twelve sacred shrines of Shiva, and you can find a Bhairav in all of them.

It is believed that one who worships Bhairav gets prosperity, success and good children. He can also prevent premature death and solve debt and liability issues. Bhairava is a Lord, who can instil bravery in you and make you forget all the fears that you have. Bhairav is prayed to attain strength and bravery.