Kaila Devi: who took birth from Nand Yashoda

Kaila Devi: Maha-yogini-maha-maya

About Kaila Mata ji or Kaila Devi ji, we get to know from the 65th Adhyaya of Skanda Purana. In that very adhyaya, Kaila Mata proclaims to be worshipped in the Kalyug as ‘Kaila’ Mata in the Kaileshwari by the devotees. It is also written in the Vedas that her worship in Kalyuga will lead to the immediate fulfillment of all the wishes. She is the form of same Goddess, the Maha-Maya-Maha-Yogini, who took birth from Nand Yashoda and with whom Lord Krishna got replaced. This was the instruction of Lord Vishnu that she must be replaced with Lord Krishna. When Kansa tried to kill the 8th child of Devki, the girl child took the form of Devi Roop and told him that the one he wishes to kill is already saved. She further stated to Kansa that the 8th child, Lord Krishna would slay him someday.

Kaila Devi

Worshipping Kaila Devi

The same girl child born from Yashoda is now revered as Kaila Devi. She is being worshipped as Hinglaj Mata and Vidhyavasini in other places. Her very arrival to her temple is very interesting. Her arrival story is fascinating. The idol or statue is carried on the bullock cart by the Yogi baba, moving on from Nagarkot in order to protect it. On the meantime, Kaila Devi appeared to Kedargiri, the sage, to assure that she would be coming to the people of that area. The sole bullock of the Yogi baba stopped in the middle of the forest and did not budge at all. Hence, by divine ordinance, her statue got established at that very place. The Yaduvanshi rulers belonging to Karauli worshipped Kaila Devi a lot and maintained a deep connection with her temple in the Karauli. Maharaja Gopal Singhji was the one who laid the foundation of the temple in the year 1723. The work got completed in 1730. He also came up with the statue of Chamundaji after bringing it from Gagraun fort where it is being placed by the Khinchi ruler; Arjun Palji built huge Kund, which exists even today. It has served as the largest source of water.

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The great role of Maharaja Bhanwar Palji

In the year 1886, Maharaja Bhanwar Palji ascended the throne and got a temple reconstructed with modern architecture and several facilities meant for the pilgrims. It has the Durgasagar Well, BadiDharamshala. Maharaja Bhom Palji further constructed the roads and came up with the powerhouse. Maharaja Ganesh Palji refurbished the temple.

Kaila Devi Temple

Kaila Devi Temple is the Hindu Temple, which is located in the Kaila Devi Village of Karauli district. Karauli district lies in Rajasthan and the nearest cities are Gangapur and Hindaun City. The temple is located on the Kalisil River bank, which is the tributary of Banas River itself. It is dedicated to the tutelary deity of princely Jadon Rajput belonging to Karauli State. The temple has a marble structure and features a large courtyard of checkered floor. The red flags exist in the Kaila Devi Temple and are placed by the devotees. Devotees do put the ‘bhog’ along with the flags every year on each day. Among all the various things, Jagran by Bhagatji is an attractive thing that takes place at 9.00 pm every night. Devotees come here by foot from various areas of Rajasthan, UP, and MP.

Kaila Devi temple

The festival and fair of karoli mata

Karoli mata Annual Fair is being held at the Kaila Devi Village in Chaitra month. The fair lasts for a fortnight and, in fact, another attraction is the temple, which is dedicated to Bhairon. The small Bhairon temple is located in the courtyard and faces the shrine of Kaila Devi. There is also Lord Hanuman called ‘languriya’ idol.

Around 2 lac devotees from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan gather here during the Kaila Devi Fair of Chaitra month. The staunch devotees observe the ritual of Kanak-Dandotis. The devotees cover the overall distance of 15-20km to reach the temple destination. They reach the temple by being prostrate and not by foot. They follow the drawn lines and advance to the line. Some of the devotees eat food and even take rest during the journey. You can find the group of Meenas arriving in the spirit of joyful dancing, singing and create a unique kind of atmosphere. The spacious courtyard gets transformed into the very venue of dancing and songs are sung to please the Goddess.

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Facilities at Kaila Devi Temple

Kaila Devi Temple Trust took birth only to offer facilities to the devotees. It offers routine services to the devotees and is dedicated to improving the facilities. For pilgrimage and darshan, the trust offers various facilities. The Trust does its best to keep the area neat and clean. The ‘bhakts’ must get a chance to have darshan in an orderly environment. There are also food canteens to provide hygienic food made in the clean environment. Saathvik thalis are available at reasonable rates for devotees. You can also find Mundan Kaksh where the significant ‘mundan’ ceremony or custom can be performed. Among the social activities, mention must be made to the distribution of blankets to the needy and the homeless. The trust also caters to the payment of education fees.

The awe-inspiring Mata Mandir Temple

Kaila Mata Mandir is the awe-inspiring temple, which was constructed to pay reverence to the Goddess. The spacious place is made from marble and is the worshipping place for the Hindus. You can visit the stunning temple to pay homage to the deity Kaila Devi. In the month of Bhadwa, the travelers and pilgrims are lured from all across the globe to the temple. The period marks the festive fervour of both Bhomiyaji Maharaj Shobha Yatra and Kaila Devi. Pilgrims come to the temple to worship the Goddess and pay tribute to their Kuldevi.

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Kela Devi Temple has two statues belonging to Chamunda Devi and Kaila Devi. The bigger statue is of Kaila Devi. You can also find a palace of Maharaja in the background of the temple. The temple is accessible by road, air and waterways. Jaipur Airport is the easiest way to access the temple.