Vidya Lakshmi: Goddess of Knowledge & Wealth

The goddess of learning is the Vidaya Lakshmi. She is also known as Aishwarya Lakshmi. Learning not only educates, but it also develops several other attributes in the seeker of knowledge like veracity, magnanimity, serenity and simplicity. Vidya is a Sanskrit word, which defines Knowledge and Lakshmi means wealth. It is not at all surprising if Vidya Lakshmi is confused with Goddess Saraswati. Vidya Lakshmi is one of the forms of AshtaLakshmi, who helps us in generating Lakshmi or wealth through gaining knowledge. The goddess helps to generate wealth while Saraswati grants us wisdom and astuteness.

The relationship amid knowledge and its application is entirely unique. Possession of wealth without the right knowledge does not guarantee the right utilization of wealth. Similarly, if we have good knowledge and it is not being utilized further, then the knowledge will be stagnant. Goddess exalts her devotees with the blessing of best employment of the knowledge to create wealth.  With the blessings of Maa Vidya Laksmi, Kalidasa became a great poet whose works are a masterpiece for the entire world. This presents a fine example of the grace of the goddess on her devotees.

goddess Vidya Lakshmi

Vidya Lakshmi’s depiction

The depiction of Goddess is somewhat similar to that of Saraswati. The goddess is draped in a white sari but, unlike Saraswati, she is adorned with gold jewellery. There is a gold headdress over her head, which increases her beauty four-fold.  Vidya Lakshmi is a four-armed goddess with lotus in each of the upper hands. The other two hands are in Varada and Abhaya mudra. Lotus is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It helps in the emancipation of the soul.  The representation of the Goddess in a white sari with gold ornament has a special significance. The underlying fact behind is that wealth is important for the survival of human being. By putting the knowledge to good use, one can generate wealth for the family. Thus, unlike Saraswati, the goddess Vidya Lakshmi is not bereft of the ornaments.

Prayers to Vidya Lakshmi

Pranata Sureshawari bharta bhargavi shoka vinashini ratnamaye

Mani maya bhushita karna vibhushana shanty samaavruta hasyamukhe

Nava nidhi dayani kalimala harini kmaita phalaprada hastayute

Jaya jaya he madusudna kamini vidya lakshmi sadya palaya mam||

The above hymns are mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures. It praises Goddess for her divine powers and beauty. She, being the daughter of sage Bhrgu Maharashi is the manifestation of Saraswati. She removes our troubles and sorrows with her grace. The hymn prays to Goddess, who is adorned with gems to protect her devotees from misfortunes. She is the one, who eradicates evil and the devotees can experience ultimate peace.

Benefits of worshiping Vidya Lakshmi

It is believed that worshiping Vidya Lakshmi keeps sorrows and troubles at bay. The students worship her to seek blessings in order to clear their exams successfully. goddess is generally worshiped on Wednesdays. Lotuses are the main offerings to the goddess during the pooja. She helps in realizing our potential thus helping us to grow in respective fields.

Other forms of Ashtalakshmi

Dhairyalakshmi (Veera Lakshmi)
Gaja lakshmi
Santana lakshmi
Vijaya lakshmi