Goddess Santana Lakshmi: Pray for a great child

Santana Lakshmi : The common question about the marriage is the news of a child and everybody is very excited about it. Children, undoubtedly, have a great importance in the life of a married couple and their family. According to the Hindu mythology, Goddess Santana Lakshmi is the goddess responsible for childbirth. Santana means son or daughter, and therefore, the name Santhana Lakshmi.

The child is the most precious asset of a mother and she nurtures her children in their entire growth process. She gives love and affection to her children. Similarly, all the living beings in the world are the children of Sri Santana Lakshmi and she blesses all them equally.

Goddess Santana Lakshmi

Sri Santana Lakshmi and Padmakshan

There was King named Padmakshan; he was a kind ruler and performed good and pious deeds for the welfare of his kingdom and his people. Once he was performing various Yagyas (prayers) for Sri Santana Lakshmi and praised by his prayers, she appeared and gave him a wish. He asked Santana Lakshmi to take birth as his child. On hearing this Santhana Lakshmi got confused and said that she was the wife of Sriman Narayan, and if he wants her to take birth as his child, he needs to please Sriman Narayan through his prayers and ask him this wish.

After knowing this, the King started offering Tapas (prayers) to Sriman Narayan and eventually pleased him. Sriman Narayan appeared and gave him his wish to having Santhana Lakshmi as his child. As a result, Lakshmi was born to Padmakshan.

He named her as “Padmai.”As time passed, she grew and the king thought of her marriage. He ordered for the Swayamvaram to take place so Padmai could select a suitable husband for her. All the kings were invited in the Swayamvaram.

The Swayamvaram

Finally, the day arrived, lots of kings and even Asuras appeared for the Swayamvaram. Everybody was surprised on seeing the unparalleled beauty of Padmai. After assessing every potential king, Padmakshan decided that no one fitted to be the husband of her beautiful daughter and decided to marry her with a person of equal beauty. So, he declared that he would marry his daughter to one, who had the blue colour of the sky in his body.

Death of Padmakshan and Padmai

On hearing this, the Kings and Asuras felt insulted and thought that the king was making a fool of them. They got really angry and a war broke out between the kings and Padmakshan. Padmakshan was killed in the war. Bewildered by this news, Padmai jumped in fire and committed suicide. All the Kings and Asuras left the palace after this. Later in time, Padmai appeared from the fire and saw the kingdom wrecked and blamed her for all the destruction. Saddened by this, she started performing prayers to Sriman Narayan.

According to the Ramayana, she was later born as “Sita Piratti” to King Janak while he was tilling the land.

It is after this incident that Santhana Lakshmi was worshiped as the Goddess of childbirth and people are advised to pray her to get a great child.

Other forms of Ashtalakshmi

Dhairyalakshmi (Veera Lakshmi)
Gaja lakshmi
Vijaya lakshmi
Vidya lakshmi