Goddess Gauri curses Lord Shiva

Goddess Gauri curses Lord Shiva

Once it happened that offerings of sacrifices etc. stopped on earth and gods with their king came into worry. On Lord Brahma’s advice, gods venerated great Goddess of wealth; Goddess durga sent her won-god of love, for lending hands in works of gods. God of love had a hard war with king- Virvrat; in this war, god of love won and king’s forces retreated from the field. For getting across this problem and his ouster, the king prayed to Lord Shiva. Lord blessed him for victory and again, the king started war with god of love. He had obtained in blessing of shiva, a divine trident; that divine weapon was used on the god, who fell, getting struck with it.

Goddess Gauri curses Lord Shiva

The inert body of her son was sent to Great Goddess Durga; Mother enlivened the god by nectar of Mother of the three worlds. God of love, thus fallen by a weapon, duly blessed by Shiva, started to nurse a knot of grouse against Him. He silently took a vow to defeat shiva, by getting divine mite form Mother of the three worlds, by keenly revering Her. Lakshmi also prayed to this form of the Goddess durga and Mother of three cities appeared to Lakshmi, in the form of Gauri, Lakshmi told whole account to Gauri about vow of god of love, following his defeat in the war; also Shiva’s blessings etc. Then Lakshmi asked Gauri, how god of love could come out of this difficulty, painlessly.

Gauri to Lakshmi and Her son: Who could act contrary to Shiva’s majesty, who is the Best. One’s desired could be obtained, by venerating Him in the best earnestness.

God of love was obstinate; I have to get better of Shiva; he still firmly decided. Gauri became angry on this and told in a curse to god of love that he would get burnt in his aversion to Shiva. Lakshmi did not one bit liked such cursing to her son and in turn, cursed Gauri that she (Gauri) would also get burnt hearing disparagement of some-one.

Maa Gauri cursed lakshmi that the latter would get agony and misery to her, form her co-wives.

This set up a dual between Lakshmi and Gauri and both took each others’ wits with their unfailing weaponry. Brahma and Goddess Saraswati reached between the two to mediate.

With a view to gaining ascendancy over Shiva, god of love started veneration of Mother of three worlds, in a cave in hills. The Mother came pleased with this veneration and concentration and taught god of love the art of fifty ways of non-duality (Panch-dashi)- appearing to him. Having got know of this high knowledge, he revered the Goddess in one point concentration. Goddess Gauri appeared to god of love appeased at his hard penance and presented to him, Her divine bow and arrows.

On the other side, Gauri’s form of Sati became ‘Nabho’ (of sky Form), after she immolated Herself in sacrifice pyre of her father Daksh, following Shiva’s humiliation over there. Later She became daughter of Himalayas after blessing the mountain that she would be born as his daughter, after he worshipped Devi hard and long. She became daughter Uma, of Himalayas.

A fiery demon Tarkasur was to be killed by son of shiva (that was the only way); for this king of gods ordered god of love to disrupt long Samadhi of Lord Shiva. Even as all were witnessing, Lord burnt god of love to ashes for breaking his penance.