Dhanya Lakshmi : The Goddess of dhaan or corps

Dhanya Lakshmi : Goddess Lakshmi manifest herself in eight popular forms:  Adilakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Dhanya, Gaja, Santana, Veera, Vidyaya and Vijaya. Out of these eight forms, the Goddess bestowing the blessing of prosperity of food grains is Dhanya Lakshmi. She is worshiped as the devi of dhaan or harvest. Devotees offer gratitude by praying to Dhanya Lakshmi for food grains that are essential for sustenance.  She blesses her devotees with better life prospects and good food for survival. During the harvesting season, Dhanya Lakshmi is prayed for enhanced production of food crops. It is believed that if a farmer prays sincerely, the Goddess never disappoints them.

Dhanya Lakshmi

Symbolism of Dhanya Lakshmi

DhanyaLakshmi is the Goddess with eight arms carrying sugarcane, paddy crop and banana in three of her hands. There is a mace in one hand and the other two hands are adorned with lotus. The hands of the goddess are folded in two prominent mudras or hand gestures – Abhaya and Varada mudra. The generosity gesture is Varada Mudra, which also symbolizes compassion and charity. In this mudra, left arms are rested on the body side; the fingers are extended of the open handed palm, which symbolizes morality, effort, patience, generosity and meditative concentration.  Peace and protection are symbolized by abhaya Mudra. With this mudra, Goddess DhanyaLakhsmi protects her devotees from the fear of hunger. Dhanya Lakshmi is always depicted in green coloured sari. Green symbolizes growth, revival of depleting resources. It is the obvious colour of spring, which disseminates fertility and happiness.

Legends of the Goddess of Harvest

Mythology presents different stories about Dhanya Lakshmi. According to one of the popular legends, once Balram was worried about DhanyaLaksmi’s visit to every household to grant the boon of harvest, as this might bring along numerous impurities at home. So, he asked his brother Krishna to block her way to their house. Krishna, being an obedient brother, did as directed. Soon, both the brothers felt hungry and every time they laid their eyes on food, it turned into dust. On realizing their mistake, Balram and Krishna asked for forgiveness from the Goddess. Dhanya Lakshmi told the brothers that she doesn’t differentiate between rich and poor.  Everyone is treated equally in front her as blessing of crop is an essential aspect for all.

Another legend says when Draupadi was sent to exile in forest with her five husbands, they had no food to eat. Blessings of Dhanya Lakshmi helped them to survive in between the unfavorable conditions of the forest. The blessing was in the form of a wooden bowl, which when scratched will fill itself with food. Hence, no one will face any trouble because of hunger.

Dhanya Lakshmi Mantra

The prayer of Goddess Dhanyalakshmi is mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures, which are as follows:

Aum Kshutha Roopai Vidmahe
Dhanya Vaasaayi Dhimahe
Thanoo Dheeve  Prachodayath

The mantra is chanted by the devotees to overcome the scarcity of food.  The recitation of this mantra also ensures the fostering of inner peace and harmony. With the blessings of the Goddess, one will always experience prosperity and opulence.

Other forms of Ashtalakshmi

Dhairyalakshmi (Veera Lakshmi)
Gaja lakshmi
Santana lakshmi
Vijaya lakshmi
Vidya lakshmi