Dhanalakshmi – Goddess of Fortune, Money and Wealth

Dhanalakshmi : The mother of wealth and prosperity is Goddess Lakshmi.  She is known by many other names such as kamala or lotus dweller, Vishnupriya or Vishnu’s beloved, Padmapriya or lotus lover, Paramatmika or the one who is omnipresent. Hindu mythology dedicates numerous hymns to the goddess. She is wife of God Vishnu, the preserver. In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi has a special significance. She is not only worshiped for material prosperity, but she is also worshiped for relinquishing courage, luxury and blissful life. The name Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word “Laksa” meaning goal. The goddess is depicted in several colours such as White, pink and gold.

Dhanalakshmi - Goddess of Fortune & Money

Different forms of the Lakshmi

Hindu Mythology embodies Goddess Lakshmi in eight different forms such as Adi Lakshmi, DhanaLakshmi, Dhairalaxmi, Santan Laxmi, Gaja Laxmi, Vidya Laxmi, Vijay Laxmi and Dhanya Lakshmi. Each of these eight forms manifested form the Ashta Laxmi but bestows different powers and blessings to its devotees. One of the most popular forms among all these forms is Dhanalakshmi. She is the goddess of gold and money. She is also known by the name of Vaibhav Laxmi in some parts of India.

Legends about the Goddess Dhanalakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is consort of the preserver god, Vishnu. “Shri” is another name for the goddess, according to the ancient Hindu scriptures. Mythological tales narrate the story that once Goddess Lakshmi and her husband Vishnu had a fight; in rage, Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikunta and decided to live on earth as Goddess Padamavati. She was born as the daughter of a rich king. Vishnu came to the earth in search of his wife and started to earn his living as a forest dweller. As destined, affluent Padmavati and poor forest dweller met each other. The poor forest dweller in order to marry Padamati approached for a loan from the treasurer of Gods, Kubera. Kubera puts forward the condition that unless the entire amount of loan is repaid, Vishnu will not be able to leave earth. The amount borrowed was so high that he could not leave earth with Padmavati. Finally the preserver, Vishnu acknowledged the power of his consort Lakshmi, and she blessed him with Dhana or wealth.

Worship of Goddess of Wealth

The Goddess is offered prayers through fire rituals coupled with the recitation of hymns and prayers, which is called Dhanalakshmi Homam. According to Vedas, this Pooja is said to eradicate the problems caused by the doshas or pernicious movement of individual planetary conditions. Devotees offering prayers to Dhanalaksmi are set free from their financial problems. Organizing Dhanlakshmi Homam at home or at work places ensures financial balance by removing debts and generating revenues.

Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi with great grandeur on the festival of Lights; Diwali. People consecrate their homes and workplaces before Diwali. On the Diwali evening, candles and lights are lit and prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Dhanteras is a special occasion, which is celebrated with equal fervor among Hindus.  People buy jewellery or utensils on this day, which is a sign of good luck. Dhanalakshmi is indeed one of the most popular Goddesses in the Hindu mythology.

Other forms of Ashtalakshmi

Dhairyalakshmi (Veera Lakshmi)
Gaja lakshmi
Santana lakshmi
Vijaya lakshmi
Vidya lakshmi