Boon of worship and adoration of Maa durga

Boon of worship and adoration

There was a poor Brahmin; but nevertheless this utter poverty also kept him steadfast in to the feet of Goddess durga; his wife was a simple contented lady, not complaining of family poverty, ever. They had a daughter who  was good looking and quite wise. The couple loved her dearly; as she grew, their worry increased from her side to find good groom for her.

Once on a dark night with good amount of rain, lightning and thunder, someone knocked at their door and the man opened door of the house, to find a way farer standing, who told that he was a Brahmin of a neighboring village; in the difficult weather, he came up to that point in his journey. Man of the house welcomed in the guest, offering him their earnest simple and modest hospitality.

Boon of worship and adoration of Maa durga

The guest was much gratified to get their best honour, though of modest mean. In conversation, the topic of host’s marriageable daughter came up and the concern that of. Do not you be worried about it; in my village, there is a good Brahmin of amiable nature. I take the onus of having your daughter married-off.

Next morning, the guest took leave and with his assistance, their daughter not married. He had a wish to conduct an observance of adoration of Goddess durga with offering of food to a few pious souls, following daughter’s wedding . He thought of calling the daughter to their house and have a sacred occasion duly observed, during sacred period of nine days of Devi-celebration (navratri). But where to get money from for it ?

Wife: Firm resolves of virtue get fulfillment; go and get a figure of Devi maa; with her kindness it would get done.

Hearing encouraging words of wife his strength got hold. Going to a Devi statue-maker and asking its price, he got upset knowing its cost, not having that much money, he was getting back; then the statue-maker noted limitation of Brahmin’s pocket, he said, “Do not get disappointed, give whatever you can and take this image.” Searching the pocket, he just found one rupee in it, whereas the statue cost was ten rupees. The statue maker was ready to give it to him for just one rupee. Brahmin was very satisfied; coming home, he showed the figure to his wife, who was unwell and Brahmin himself did all the work to get on with their desired observance. Wife told him to fetch daughter form the house of her in-laws.

He reached in-laws of the daughter; mother-in-law of the daughter got cut up to see the relation visiting them, empty handed. She did not agree to send daughter-in-law with her father.

On the way back, the Brahmin was rather sad and under a tree, he got crying over family’s bad luck in being so poor (As not able to meet even minimum commitments). Then he heard daughter’s call, saying that with reluctance her mother-in-law agreed to send her to the parents’ place and thus she had come.

The two came home and Devi’s adoration observance was carried out, with right earnest and conviction. Some fruit and related eatable could be provisioned, but the family found it all too less for Devi’s benediction to be distributed to the acquaintances. Seeing this apprehension of the parents, the daughter told not to worry; she shall give Prasad to all acquainted with her own hands and not to nurse any thinking on that score. With a flutter of heart, the poor Brahmin couple invited in their neighbours etc. To their big surprise, the couple saw that fruit etc. to be distributed after worship did not run short, rather a good quantity was let after doing all the distribution.

Next day, the Brahmin got up; he wanted to immerse the image of Goddess along with water of the sacred pitcher of worship in a river. He saw that the daughter was taking water from the pitcher( it is quite amiss to take water of worship-pitcher like this). He became quite angry, “ You have made this water impure; it would offend the Goddess; it was better if you were not to attend this observance and I shall have to conduct a proper atonement to Goddess to squash this impropriety you have committed.”

Brahmin set in reflection to atone to the Mother. Girl went to her sick mother, saying that” soon you will be cured off your unwellness;” thus saying she went to the place of her in-laws.

After the worship of atonement, the got up; he was feeling not right. Taking to the daughter a bit harshly. His wife came off the bed and asked what had he told her? She did not even carry eatables of the worship-observance to her in-laws’ place. Brahmin was repenting and  told wife to take rest in her sickness and asked why she got up from the bed. The wife said that she was feeling quite well and gained of health and that he should carry some eatables to the daughter’s in-laws. Taking fruit etc. the Brahmin went to her daughter’s house’ told the daughter,” You came away displeased, not even taking eatables of Devi-worship. Do children become angry like this from the side of parents on some unpleasant words?”

To his utter amazement, she told that she never went to the parents’ home. Brahmin told every-thing which amazed all, there.

“She was Mother Durga, Herself! Took water of Her own pitcher ate fruit of Her offering. Herself we all ought to be filled with gratification of Goddess Mother!”

In –laws folks were also feeling amiss, not sending the daughter in-law to her parents’ home.

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