Benefic boon from goddess Durga

Benefic boon from goddess Durga

In the olden times on earth there lived one demon, named Durgam; who was a powerful one and tyrant to the extreme. In his fits of laughter, sparks of fire used to come out. His heart’s wish was that all pious sages should tow his line, but trying hard also, this did not happen. Sages possessed high wisdom of Vedas and many divine miraculous endowments, which would defeat his all such attempts. So he thought that these powers were based upon Vedas; knowledge of Vedas therefore must be snatched away from them.

To get Vedas, he did penance on Lord Brahma for a long time. All the pious got upset and greatly concerned, seeing him exerting so hard. All of them tried many different ways to stop his penance, but like a mountain he remained firm in his penance.

Benefic boon from goddess Durga

His penance lasted a thousand years and it shook Brahma’s seat, who appeared to him, inviting him to take a boon (from Brahma). Saluting Lord, the demon asked to grant to him a right to Vedas.

Brahma went granting him his desire and Vedas sovereignty came to demon’s hold. The pious lost their exclusivity upon the sacred Veda-wisdom’ their powers and extra-ordinary abilities also vanished; oblations into fire-sacrifices ended and in lack those of, gods became quite weak. In such weakening of auspiciousness, this demon took hold of realm of heavens, attacking gods.

Gods fled away from the divine-domains. Natural phenomenon like rains etc. suffered, as the controls of nature enfeebled due to weakening of nature’s potencies (gods). In the wide-spread famine so caused, large numbers of men and creatures started perishing in a big way. Subjects would approach their kings, but the rulers were helpless- not having any thing in their own treasures and stores to help their subjects. An eminent ruler went to the sages, who mantras has been lost. Sovereignty of Vedas and its propagation has passed into that demon’s hands. On earth, now, neither there are the pious observances nor oblations to potencies of nature; all over weakening of morale and goodness, has spoiled all order; what is anybody to do?

For getting over such graveness, There were consultation amongst the distinguished; consensus reached that the potential of Mother Goddess durga should be evoked with effective worship and adoration so on a bank of river sages collectively prayed to Devi, seeking her shelter and intervention in this natural calamitous happening;  None other than the Goddess can help, tiding over this grave situation; therefore have mercy on all, Mother they earnestly voiced.

Hearing such ardent and mercy-evoking cries, Goddess melted with kindness and appeared with a thousand hands; she had as many weapons; tears started to fall from her eyes and those drops became a big current of water. That big flow reached to divine regions. Durgam became afflicted seeing that big current and he ran away leaving the divine region; Vedas got loosened from his hold and that divine flow took Vedas in its current and came back to earth. Thus pious sages got back what was taken away by the demonic force. The sages prayed to Goddess to live amongst them, not to leave them.

Devi maa accepted their prayer and she got on to live on earth. She stayed here as Shakambhara Devi of Saharanpur; in her tears of kind goodness, that demon was flowed away and Vedas got the rightful place in hands of the pious.

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