lord ketu
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Ketu Bhagwan : A devotee of Lord Shiva

Lord Ketu Ketu Bhagwan is one of the many widely worshipped Hindu Gods. After samudra manthan, when Asura SvarBhanu was beheaded by Lord Vishnu, the remaining body came to be known as Ketu. Ketu is known as half planet or shadow planet. He symbolizes implying of karmic accumulations good and bad, supernatural forces and spirituality, […]

Lord Chandra (Moon lord)
Gods and Goddesses

Lord Chandra (Moon lord) : The Quickest Lord Married to the 27 Nakshatras

Lord Chandra Dev (Moon lord) One of the most popular gods loved by one and all, old and young, male and female, benevolent or malevolent, is Lord Chandra (Moon lord). Also known as the Som Dev, the handsome, bright lord is also known by many other names, such as Rajanipati, Kshupakara, and Indu. In fact, […]